Wednesday 16 September 2009

Yahtzee, tweetathon and another pic from AT.

Ok, first up Yahtzee.  Arkham Asylum this week.  I was a bit worried he'd hate it... He doesn't, but there is swearing... it's funny though, watch it.

Other stuff... Well it looks like Paul and I are going to go once a week with the album thing, which is a great excuse for us both to write about albums we love.  Seemed to go down pretty well last night with people too.  Cool.

Also, and this is just an early heads up to see if you are paying attention, in early October I shall be attempting a possible 48 hour sponsored tweetathon on twitter for the Hampshire arm of the voluntary service BASICS that saved the life of a mate in a road traffic accident.  They don't appear to have a website but there is a profile for them on Just Giving. I will set up a Just Giving page nearer the time but at the moment what I'm thinking is I'll commit to 12 hours of tweeting and if I raise over £50 I'll go to 24 hours, £100 36 hours and £150 for the full 48 hours.  What do you guys think?  Clearly I'm gonna need bags of support from my twitter friends but I shall be unprotecting my tweets for that period to help.  (Just for the 48 hours though so people can check in on me.)

So that's nearly it from me today, still suffering major knackeredness following Bestival but I do have one last thing for you...

Thanks AT (@maverick99sback).  Although one suspects he's been looking at drains for years trying to find this one... hilarious though.  I'm gonna have to give him is own little corner of the Blog.

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