Saturday 10 October 2009

36 hours till #tweetathon... disaster avoided.

Last night I was up pretty late when twitter decided to stop me tweeting. Now with tweetathon so near that caused some mild panic but @KyeLani had issues the previous day and they resolved themselves the following morning, so I assumed mine would be fine when I got up. It wasn't.


I went on some forums to see if there was anything I could try. The general advice from twitter was turn your computer off and on again (is this just the answer for everything these days?). But the PC had been off all night and I couldn't tweet from anything and believe me I have options. Phone wouldn't work, the Touch wouldn't do a thing and I even tried the PSP. Nada. Which got me thinking about my router so I turned that off and on again. And it worked. So tweetathon is back on and yes turning things off and on again is the answer to everything. Thank goodness though, I was having a mild panic attack about it.

Twitter though does have a habit of dying occasionally, it's just the nature of it. It dropped out pretty much entirely on Thursday afternoon and I guess it's entirely possible this could happen on Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow I will write about exactly how tweetathon is going to work and what I'll do if twitter does die on us.

In the mean time and if you haven't already, feel free to give me some encouragement here. It is a great cause and once again many thanks to those that have already contributed. Mum, I'm really sorry it's not a half marathon 8-/ .

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