Thursday 15 October 2009

A pause.

I needed a rest from proper blogging today so I've put the Icon post on hold for a week.

Tweetathon was amazing and at the moment I can't bring myself to lock back down '@diaryofaledger' so will leave it a few more days and make a call on it. Would seem like a shame after the last few days.

I wanted to share with you some of the tweets from after I stopped on Tuesday night. Hopefully for those of you that don't twitter it will give you something of a sense of what was going on. I can't read most of these without welling up.

Love you twitter.

tylermassey note to self: YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY GRAY rules @gray333 @diaryofaledger #tweetathon

debsa Finally I have juice!! Sleep for a million years Gray, you've earned it!! @diaryofaledger
what a stupendous amazing thing you've done! x

Girl_In_A_Box @gray333 @diaryofaledger And relax. Bloody brilliant job there. Well done you.

fionaflaherty I love the fact that twitter has become a great big love-in. Well done @diaryofaledger / @gray333, it was a roaring success! #twitterthon

twosoups CONGRATULATIONS @diaryofaledger / @gray333 you ruddy marvel! Sweet dreams hun.xx #tweetathon

lmlc @gray333 I love you too *big kiss* you are an amazing man. Bestival tweetup HAS to happen

RickHarwood @diaryofaledger Take a bow Gray!

butterflygrrrl RT @gray333: Goodnight twitter. Thank you so much it has been a wonderful 2 days. xxx // That made me cry ! Go Gray!! x

FatmanSlimming @gray333 @diaryofaledger woo hoo..well done. Now go, sleep. You deserve it more than anyone...

WH1SKS Well done @diaryofaledger! Bloody marvelous!

jackfaulkner @gray333 Well done you legend.

From slightly earlier on:

KyeLani evening folks! :-D @diaryofaledger you ROCK the free world!! x

indiaknight @diaryofaledger Good luck with the rest of it - looks like you're going to bust your target. Delighted for you, v good cause.

fionaflaherty RT @kyelani: @diaryofaledger NO you're over £1000!!!!!! <- HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WH1SKS I'm in a pub in London with a bunch of suits with @debsaand we can't take my eyes off @diaryofaledger and his#tweetathon. Go on Gray! x

And the one that blew us all away:

Wossy @diaryofaledger Good luck - nearly there. Have donated.

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