Wednesday 21 October 2009

Then Bowser eats a magic mushroom and sucks the Mario Bros' into his body...

Yahtzee at his most cutting, game reviewing best.  I ♥ Yahtzee but you might not.  Consider this before pressing play.

So time was when a Thursday meant Icon post day... and guess what it does again!  That's right after a one week hiatus due to me, 'staying up a lot and doing some stuff,' tomorrow sees the return of #iconthursday.  That's right I've even come up with a rather drab hash tag for twitter.  (Don't worry mum 'hash tag' is not a drugs reference.)  What I'm still waiting on is a topic from Jen.  She's on a bus at the moment though so you'll have to patient.

I'm off on a bit of an adventure for the next three and a half weeks with work. Although I'd love to write about it here I've managed thus far to not mention what I do in Diary of a Ledger and I'm not gonna start here (well I sort of am).  A small group of us are being taxied to a town on the south coast of England to help in the opening of a new concept store for the nations 'real' favourite Department Store...

You should be able to work that out for yourself so if you live in the area pop in and say hi.  Big day for DE tomorrow, good luck buddy.

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