Tuesday 13 October 2009

#tweetathon important notice

At around 3am on day two twitter decided that I'd tweeted too much from the diaryofaledger account so I have had to switch to my old gray333 account.

Hopefully not for too long. But if any of you are wondering why there's a gap in the feed for diaryofaledger or if indeed where I am at all hopefully you'll pick up on this and realise.

I'd not really considered this as an option but apparently 1000 tweets in nearly 27 hours is a tad too much!

I was in the end only using gray333 for about 30 minutes.

This situation changed again at 6.12am on day 2. Back to gray333.

And changed again at 6.31am. Back to DiaryofaLedger.

And changed again at 9.23am Back to gray333.

And changed again at 9.34pm. Back to DiaryofaLedger.

This isn't gonna be the most thrilling blog post ever if this continues so just follow both accounts... ta.

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