Wednesday 18 November 2009

The Ledgers on line...

So finally all four Ledgers made it online at the same time and I think we even all managed to be on the same team for one game. Such is the nature of combining four internet connections that we failed to connect up properly, but hey we'll get there.

However there was one game just after AT (@maverick99sback) had gone to bed and MC (@theboycheese) had been disconnected that will go down as one of the greats.

Why? Well imagine you are in an airport terminal and all hell has broken lose. There are two of you and five of them because the rest of your team (not The Ledgers) have run away in fear. It's a teamdeath match to end all teamdeath matches. And it's tight. Really tight.

Now I'm not ashamed to admit that JMcG (@flashmcglash) is a pretty special COD player. He is way better than me. I'm ok, but I suffer from being very inconsistent. The guys we were playing against were pretty good, they'd given us a tough few games before this one but between us we played great. Two on five on COD is not good odds, they frankly should have rinsed us. But somehow this didn't happen. To be honest this largely didn't happen because of JMcG's stats (32 kills 8 deaths) but mine, considering the odds against us, weren't bad either (18 kills 18 deaths). Not only did we not get rinsed but in the final minute we held on with a few kills to spare. Awesome victory and one to savour.

More tonight hopefully. Loving it.

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