Monday 23 November 2009

So you make a lil video....

...and the world goes nuts.
Friday's #followfriday video went down better than expected on twitter with eleven of the girls now using the pictures that I used as their avatar pics and two girls who weren't in the video getting me to make fresh ones for them.

I never would have anticipated that kind of reaction to it to be honest and would like to say a big thanks to @tylermassey for inspiring me to get off my lazy arse to make the vid with his weekly followfriday videos. I can't promise that I'll be that productive but I do enjoy making them. @vivmondo gets a mention too as his superhero pics, that were on here ages ago (go look here), also helped to inspire the video.

But cheers girls, you have all helped to make a week, in which I have survived on a tenner, that much more bearable.

Here's to the Twitter Justice League.

Thank guys. x

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