Monday 14 December 2009

Happy Birthday Sister Ledge

Today is my sister's birthday. So it goes without saying that she gets a blog post all of her own today. Happy Birthday hon x

On the 14th of December 1974, a little under 19 months after my arrival, my Mother gave birth to my rock. My little sis.

We always got on pretty well but as we've got older we've got closer. As a kid she was shy and unassuming, we had no idea how strong willed and determined to succeed she would turn out to be. We both went through the trauma of losing our father at a young age and I guess that's where the bond between us really got formed. There's always been this 'looking out for each other' vibe between us. Rarely mentioned or acknowledged, but it's there. To be fair to her, she's had more looking out for me to do over the years, my invariable ups and downs a regular source of amusement and I'm sure, raising of eyebrows. Yet she's never more than anything other than supportive.

Her life these days is one of mixed blessings. A great husband, only she seemed to see the potential in the Gothy/Indie kid scruffy student that she fell in love with but it turned out he's fricking ace. Good spot sis. They live on the Isle of Wight with their two kids, a dog, two kittens, two guinea pigs and plethora of fish. It sounds pretty idyllic but the kids are not easy. I won't go into details today but next years tweetathon will be directly related. They are a lovely family and she deals with the problems and worries that the kids bring with a quiet dignity that I find a constant source of inspiration.

Bestival this year was made particularly special by her and her hubbies presence, we had the best weekend. So much so that she ended up at the doctors after straining chest muscles from laughing too much. Bless her, she gets chest infections and it's a massive deal after puncturing a lung a few years back. Of course with kids that's pretty hard to avoid so she always seems to be either getting over one or about to get one. You'd never hear her complain though, she just cracks on with life.

The last two years it's been lovely to see her regaining her social life. I think attending the Isle of Wight Festival was a bit of watershed moment in 2007 and now she and hubby are out all the time. It was great last weekend to go over to the Island and share in her (slightly early) birthday celebrations with some of the new friends that they have met.

She's a great mum and one of my best friends, basically she's a top chick and we should get her on twitter.*

Love you Gill. Have a great birthday. xxx

*Campaign starts here.

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