Thursday 3 December 2009

No Icon Post Thursday

Weird on a Thursday to not be doing an Icon Post. It feels really odd to not be settling down to an hour or so of typing but I did make the right call on it. I was woken by the cat this morning at 6.55am half an hour after my alarm had gone off. I got the train by the skin of my teeth after stomping up the road for the busofdoom.

Travelling to Poole everyday is pretty tiring it turns out and although I could easily sleep on the train, I dare not for fear of waking up at Waterloo. Which would not be good.

Now I did promise my Top 3's of the year but I will do those on my days off over the next few weeks. Hope that's ok. It'll have to be to be honest.

Cross Blogination is also on hold for the time being for other reasons. All the best to Paul.

The Short Story Competition has had it's first two entrants which is really exciting, but I am hoping for more so crack on writers.

Will there be a #followfriday video tomorrow? Maybe. I've started one. AT seemed to like it. But these buggers are hard work so I may slow my output down. I never intended to do one a week but I kept getting bloody ideas. So there might be one tomorrow night or I may finish it on Monday (when I'm off) and post it Friday week.

Long days are not conducive for hour long typing sessions but hour long train journeys are awesome for ideas. Watch this space.

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