Sunday 27 December 2009

PS3 for Xmas? Yep...

I never dreamt that a little over a week after my PS3 died I'd have a new one but Mum and Allan came up trumps on Christmas day and I'm back online kicking some butt on MW2 (I'm getting my butt kicked a lot too).

Xmas was awesome. And not just because I'm back online and gaming.

Christmas Eve saw a mini tweetup on the Island with @RickHarwood's birthday being celebrated along with his lovely wife @MrsR1ck and @butterflygrrrl (LJ). We had a great night despite the 'loud music'. Yes we are getting old...

Christmas Day was the usual fun fest with my Sister's family, at my Mum's and we had an ace day opening presents and, as you may have seen, performing a puppet show. The winning story for the Christmas Short Story Competition was published and massive congrats to @Bekemeyer. It was a great story. But thanks to everyone for taking part.

Boxing Day I went and saw Where The Wild Things Are with LJ. I'll review it tomorrow after work but needless to say a few tears were shed. What a lovely film.

I hope you all had a great Christmas.


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