Sunday 10 January 2010

Day two without heat but I have gained a grenade launcher.

Ok so 'without heat' is stretching it a bit.  The convector heater and fan heater are making the lounge pretty warm but the rest of the house is an ice box.

Today, like something from 1860, I boiled water on the stove in pans and transported it upstairs stairs so that I could have a bath.  Brilliant.

Despite all this today I discovered the joy of a grenade launcher on COD.

Honestly they are awesome.

I'd got kind of tired, on my first session of the day, being slain by them constantly and I just thought, 'I could be THAT guy'.

So I changed my class again and selected grenade launcher.  Now before you go thinking I'm a 'grenade launcher noob' I am not.  I've just never really got on with them before.  I hadn't really figured out how to use them though.  For example, I hadn't realised that firing one at someone from point blank was an easy kill.  It just hits them and they die... Sounds awful, but there's no mess.

However the 'joy' really comes when you take someone out and make them fly, limbs flailing, as the grenade goes off.  Maybe it won't help my kill/death ratio (so bad right now I can't bring myself to blog it) but I enjoyed COD this afternoon more than I have for a while.

So much I'm going back for more.  Right now.

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