Wednesday 20 January 2010

I am a Monster Truck that walks like a man.

There is nothing better than falling in from work, as I did this evening (damn that pesky door mat) and finding a great new Yahtzee vid.  The above is one of his best for ages both funny and a very good review of a crock of poo game called Darksiders.

Obviously there are better things, but when you're still without heating and you're fairly sure that your team are gonna struggle for a win tonight (but you'll watch anyway) you'll take what you can get.

As you may have noticed, nearly a year after starting to post Yahtzee's weekly vids I realised I could change the height as well as the width.  I'm nothing if not a quick learner.

Tomorrow the heating is getting fixed.  Frankly... and apologies to my more sensitive readers... "THANK FUCK FOR THAT!"

Tomorrow I'm having to take my second day off inside a week because the guys that are fixing it can't guarantee what time they'll be turning up.  They are called Gasworks.  Up to you whether you ever use them... This is how many stars out of five I'll give their service:

Anyway enough of my grouching.  Tomorrow is #iconthursday (look to your left for the theme), I will attempt to finish Assassins Creed II, expect a review over the weekend and tonight I bought Braid and Pixel Junk Shooter from the PSN which means I'll have more game reviews soon.

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