Saturday 2 January 2010

One Day in Florence

I've been to Italy twice. Once on my ill fated honey moon and once on an ill fated holiday with a mad woman.

I popped back this afternoon for a few hours with Ezio in Florence and the Tuscan Hills and I think we can safely say that I'll be popping back tomorrow.

Glorious vistas, throbbing crowds, pretty courtesans and knives. Lots of knives.

I've been sneaking up on Guards on roof tops and stabbing them in the back. I've been throwing knives at archers then robbing their still warm bodies. On one occasion I stabbed a guy in the back and then gave his body to Leonardo da Vinci for medical research. Cause I could. I chucked another one off a roof.

And the views. The views are stunning. Of course to get a really good view you have to climb. Climb really effing high.

Assassins Creed II kids. Six hours in and I'm loving it. Just wish they'd left out all the present day stuff which feels like unnecessary tosh. Which it is. But it hasn't spoilt my little trip to Italy. Full review when I'm done but thanks Sis, awesome Xmas present.

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