Sunday 7 February 2010

New Look for Diary of a Ledger

A new look then... Why?  Well it's a Sunday innit and I was bored...

The Batman pic has become my avatar pretty much everywhere so I've been on the look out for something new I could use for a header image.  In fact I've been on the look out for ages.  So Batman, possibly wearing a bra, is still there, just smaller and I found an image that sits rather nicely with my twitter inspired love of street art.

It's also a bit dark... which I like.  And of course I'm trying some new stuff here as the blog continues to evolve beyond where it started out, so a change to reflect that felt like the right way to go.  (For example you're only reading this bit if you've hit the 'read more' button.)

The header is staying the same at my Posterous, the locked down, private blog where I'm writing about me.  (Sorry, but unless we're friends on twitter I won't be sharing the password with you.)

This is still my main home, I would like to be in a position to post here twice a day, rather than the once that you're used to.  Indeed I'm going to attempt that as often as I can.  The plan is to give you something simple in the morning, like a vid and something with more depth in the evenings.  It means that if you stumble here during the day there may well be something new for you to enjoy.

I'm also aware that the blog hasn't been very iPhone friendly and that may have been to be with the amount of widgets that I have had embedded here.  So today I've cleared out a whole host of widgets that I wasn't really getting any use from.  The plan being to tidy up the front end of the blog and have just four visible posts with a minimum amount of widgets.  Basically trying to make the whole thing look a bit more professional.

In the mean time, I hope you like the new look and that you'll continue to enjoy coming here and reading/watching/listening to whatever I've stumbled over or what I'm having a little rant about.


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