Tuesday 20 April 2010

Ledger Facebook Community Page

Community pages are new to facebook.  They will probably be shit but I set one up last night for the Ledgers.  

They are different to normal Pages, like the one that I set up for the blog, because although initially they start of like a fan page they can, apparently, evolve and become owned by the community within.  So if we get enough 'fans' I'll lose any administration rights and the community will take control.  Fuck knows what that actually means but if you wanna see how it turns out feel free to join the literally 12 other people that already have.

I know the whole Ledger thing both fascinates, infuriates and amuses almost as much as we love being a part of an ageing Red Hand Gang.  Seriously there have been cases of Ledger envy.  Not a joke.

So join in if you want, I really have no clue how it will work, but it could be kinda fun if you lot get control of the page.  Pimp it out to your friends too.  MC and JMcG are no longer on twitter so it may be your only route to them... and that's gotta be a tempter for the ladies.  AT and I are still very much at your disposal if you need the piss taken out of you.


Go here to get involved.

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  1. LIKE!!!!!!!

    And about the 'at your disposal' comment.... no good can come from that. HA! *evil*