Tuesday 10 August 2010

The First Goodbye of the Week

Most of you know I work in a department store somewhere South of somewhere in a Country some of you know and love as dear old Blighty.  Those of you that weren't aware of that are now.  I work on an Audio and TV department and have done for the last four years.  Three months before I joined Audio & TV the Sony stereo above made it's d├ębut.

For an electrical product to have a shelf life of more than a year is rare, to see one last for four is a miracle.  Now you might ask 'Why make such a fuss?' I shall try to explain.
It's the last tape playing stereo we sell and yesterday we stopped.  That's it, no more mix tapes, no more recording the Top 40.  Gone.  It was already from a bygone age, no one under fifty ever bought one but I must admit to feeling a pang of regret that the poor old tape player is no more.  The display model gets sent of to be processed and recycled or find a new home but we no longer sell anything with a tape-deck in it and the poor lamented C90 played such a huge part in my life.

There's still around eighty odd albums, bought on tape, sat upstairs in a wardrobe gathering dust that'll never see the light of day again (unless I ever need that dodgy suit from 2002).  Yes they were a bit rubbish but that little Sony stereo was a fighter and some how stayed on the assortment longer than any iPod because in its own way it was a little classic.  It even had a bass boost button.  Bless.
Goodbye tape playing Sony stereo.

One down, one to go.  Goodbye's that is.


  1. I have a tape deck on my bedroom CD player (but no tapes).... Because of financial difficulties, a dear friend of mine recently was forced to sell his car. He was quite lucky in that his Grandparents were moving to Scotland, and his Grandma left him her old Astra, for free. This Astra has a tape deck... No CD player at all.

    This was just before his birthday, and I could tell he was sad that on his special day his Grandparents were moving away, and he was forced to sell his nice car, so I bought him 2 presents from a coffee morning my parents made me go to.

    New Kids On The Block on cassette
    Now Dance 2000 on cassette.

    50p for the both.

    I like to think I made that birthday his best one yet.

  2. The second goodbye. if its the one im thinking. isn't anywhere near as emotional as this.