Monday 13 September 2010

Bestival - Day 3

The Sun did it's shining thing, the kids came up for a few hours and the grown ups sat down, a lot.  Sunday at Bestival is for chilling out, and that's exactly what we did.  The little band stand on the hill provided the bulk of our entertainment for the day although I did get to hear one of my favourite songs ever performed live in the afternoon.  Marc Almond singing Say Hello, Wave Goodbye was one of those perfect Bestival moments, stumbled on by accident during a trip to the bar.

Prodigy kicked seven bells out of their last Isle of Wight Festival performance, sounding hungry again, Flint and Maxim edgy and potent, those songs from an age ago still sounding vital.

The Sun being out really helped the final day, but all in all, The Flaming Lips in the mud on Saturday night won it for me, although I may never recover from not being able to hear The XX.

Great last day and just like every year I'm always gutted when it comes to an end, but the bonfire that finished it off was fricking awesome.

Oh oh ohhhhhh!

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