Thursday 2 September 2010

Icon #65 Converse

The most iconic footwear.
Close thing today but essentially I was making my mind up between two brands.  Or socks.  You little scamps.

Doc Martens or Converse?  Doc Martens or Converse?  The two have spun around in my little mind all day long but it came down to which of them I'd owned and so Converse won out.  Plus they're cooler.

They started out as a rubberised shoe maker (what ever that is) in 1908 and then dominated the basketball trainer market until the 1960s when a bunch of new and exciting brands moved in and ousted them as the market leader.

History lesson over.

There's something so indie about a Converse trainer and that's why I love em.  The DM (Doc Marten) has sort of the same appeal but they also have that, 'Lets go kick someone to death in these,' vibe that I never really bought into.  I can remember sharing a house with a guy, when I was a student, who had some with steel toe caps or something and I constantly wondered who it was that Jason, the 5'2'' metal fan, was planning on kicking.  Probably me in my Cons.

The pair that I owned were purple.  Christ knows why I chose them, on reflection I'd have preferred red, but I think I got them around the time everyone went nuts for the 'brightest coloured trainers they could find' so I did the sheep thing and went with purple.  I did love them though.  They got worn so much they broke.

I wouldn't say they were the most comfortable trainer I've ever owned (stand up New Balance), it was a bit like walking on the road with nothing on your feet, but you kind of didn't care cause they were such a great brand and looked 'well good' down the Camden Palace on a Friday night.

The Converse All Stars logo is one of those that you know instantly, it's up there with Nike and all but still retains that indie appeal simply because, despite its recognisability, it's not everywhere.  There's no over the top ad campaign for Converse prior to a World Cup, they are far more reliant on each new generation realising that a Converse trainer can add something to its identity.

Even if they are purple...

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