Saturday 18 September 2010

Liverpool v's Man United, the big one?

Is it that much of a big deal any more for United fans?  Has it got to the point where we're so down in the pecking order that for them it's just another game?

From the way Fergie has been going on this week it doesn't seem so.  So why is that?  Why after not winning the title for so long are we still seen as the enemy by United, as the team to beat above all others?

Well twenty years ago, when we were Top Dogs and the roles were reversed it was the same?  Wasn't it?  Well sort of, but not so intense.  Even during the early years of Fergie United were a side show that rolled up, gave us a tough game, sometimes beat us at Old Trafford, rolled out again and did nothing.  But that's what we're like now.  The big difference is that throughout the 80s Everton were strong.  Really strong.  So the rivalry between us and them was huge.  The Merseyside derby was the big game that everyone chalked on their calenders and I can't help but wonder if in a few years time United fans will be looking over their shoulders at City and that derby will become the big game.  Sad times as a Liverpool fan.  Potentially.

What happens next depends on Liverpool's finances getting sorted.  The longer it drags on the more disillusioned and depressed I get about it.  The American's cling to ownership and the gap between us and United gets wider instead of closing.

Seriously, if you're a Liverpool fan like me, embrace tomorrow, (win, lose or draw), because I'm really not sure how much longer we'll be talking about this fixture as the big one.

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  1. It's only been called the "big One" since Everton declined. TBH it's a great game for the neutrals too, but "Sky" have been the main instigators in "Bigging" it up. There is no real (long term) historical evidence to justify this game as being in the same "league" as "Celtic v Rangers, or Spurs V Arsenal. Before the early 60s both teams were average at best. Notwithsatnding the "Busby Babes"