Wednesday 22 September 2010

Sporting Perfection or Arrogance Personified?

Ronnie O'Sullivan gets a 147 break but asks after potting the first red what the prize is for a maximum break.  There's no prize, but he does it anyway.  Arrogant?  Maybe.  Genius?  Yes.  Some of the shots are just incredible.


  1. As I said yesterday, the two don't need to be mutually exclusive.

    Arrogance is a behaviour.

    There's no doubting his talent.

    Sometime you need to have a bit of both.

    Cantona wouldn't be the enigma he is with out a dash of arrogance.

  2. Was it arrogance or an unshakable belief in his own abilities? Every single top athlete/sportsperson must have an element of arrogance about them to be able to pit themselves against the top sportsmen/women in their field, and believe they are going to prevail.

    I have no problem with arrogance if it can be backed up with talent/skill. One of my favourite examples is Austin Healey, former England rugby international, competing in Soccer AM's Crossbar Challenge. He walked up the camera, said "Austin Healey; Magician", and pinged it first time.