Thursday 21 October 2010

Icon #69 The Monkees

The most iconic boy band.
What's not to love about The Monkees.  Great tunes, great hair and a born from a TV show where they had no artistic control at all the band became what they'd been dreamt up as, a real band making great music.

I loved the nonsensical TV show as a kid (it must have been being repeated on an early evening slot in the late 1970s) and the songs slowly started to become a part of mine and many other kids, life soundtrack, despite being from a different era.  Whether that's still the case now is something I've pondered today as I've mused over whether Take That deserved the post more, or whether the Sex Pistols would have been a more interesting step away from the intended target.

But the Monkees were, however briefly, a world wide phenomenon and the best songs stand the test of time in a way that bands like The Stones and The Beatles would of been proud of.

They didn't revolutionise anything, they didn't break any records, but The Monkees did the one thing every other constructed boy band has failed to do since.  Make music that I like.
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