Thursday 25 November 2010

Icon #72 The Smiths

The most iconic indie band of all time (Part 2)
Nirvana got part one last week if you missed it.  Rather than just regurgitate a post that already got written on AT's site back in June I thought it just made more sense to link back to that.

The Smiths were 'British Indie', they totally defined it and their sound is still what makes me think indie, makes me feel indie and what drove so many people to pick up guitars and write songs.

That post, over on Diary of a Maverick Ledger, is retrospectively dedicated to @LordTweed, @Seanhannan, @Chrispey, @lardychap, @nicky_t, @lmlc, @JohnJfar, @DanialNothing, @moviegrrl and MC.

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