Sunday 6 March 2011


Ok so the website isn't public yet but we do have a name for the project: onepicamonth.

So what is the plan?

The idea is that a you pick a spot and return there once a month and take a picture.  It can be anywhere you like: somewhere in the countryside, your back garden, a building site, the local zoo etc etc.  The website will always show the most recent pictures submitted but with clear links to each contributors timeline of pictures.  The idea being that we'll see each location change over time.

I'm not putting a time frame around this yet or any limit on the amount of contributors, I'm just hoping that it will grow as I really need a distraction.  I'm also happy for people to have more than one location, it's easy enough to create more than one timeline for each contributor.

As I said before this is not a new idea, but I've not seen it done with lots of people all contributing and with one host site.

The twitter account is up and running so feel free to follow and get the latest updates, although obviously I'll be tweeting about it from my personal account until it builds its own identity.

In the mean time have a think about where you might want to take your picture from.