Sunday 13 March 2011

Forgive the self indulgence, just this once, but holy fuck I never thought this would be quite so popular.  One week after launch I have 45 contributors who between them have taken 59 pictures.  That's six days in.  Awesome.

The idea is pretty simple: you go back to the same spot every month and take a picture from exactly the same position and then send them by email to  We get to slowly see how each view changes and people have started to get pretty inventive with their pictures as well as submitting some great pics of their gardens or favourite views.

It hasn't turned into an administration nightmare yet.  I'm having to learn bits of Gmail I didn't know existed, but hey I can do all that while listening to Build a Rocket Boys and Let England Shake.

I'm yet to take a picture, waiting for my new purchase at the end of the month, although I am struggling to think of one that would really nail it.  Like a few of the contributors I'll probably end up with more than one location.

If you've not joined in yet I hope that explains what I'm up to.  Click the picture of the site above to go have a look.

So much for my new camera getting me out of the house... :)

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