Tuesday 29 March 2011

Q: And Life

For around two years I have not bought Q magazine.  Then today, with Grohl gurning on the cover I got  tempted.  It's four quid now, thinner, smaller, but still essentially the same magazine it was when I started buying it over twenty years ago.  There's a pile next to my bed as tall as some people of Q mags.  It's better than a pile of porn I guess.

Magazines used to be everywhere in my house, by the bed, in the bathroom and the lounge, well that was like a fricking library.  Friends used to come round and between their turn beating me on ProEvo they'd be leafing through Games TM, Edge, Q or the NME.  Now, there's maybe one mag in the house and I don't buy any every month.

Buying Q today was kind of evocative.  It, along with NME (which I kind of saw as it's unruly kid brother) used to be my bible.  The net has played its part in changing that, but I don't log into their website to read reviews etc, I get them from 'real' people on Twitter.  Blog posts, throwaway 140 tweets about an album or a song, life has, for better or worse changed.  But it was nice today to curl up on the sofa with a magazine and just read about bands for a while.  Q were always good at not giving into the 'success = wanker' thing, turns out they still are.  Good.

My waking life is spent connected to the net.  Even when I'm asleep the iPhone stays connected, Boxcar racking up the overnight tweets and my mail accounts, both personal and project related receiving mail.  It's not often I don't wake up to one update or another, even if it's just to say it's my turn on WWF.  Even three years ago the PC lived upstairs, my phone was incapable of a Facebook update, only my PS3 saw me regularly connecting online with what could be described as 'strangers'.  And to be fair those strangers were mainly just shooting me.  A lot.  Facebook wasn't anything other than a way of interacting with colleagues and friends back then, but now it's more of an extension of Twitter.

So what did Q do for me today?  Well it stopped me tweeting for a couple of hours.

Then I tweeted about buying it...

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