Wednesday 6 July 2011

Uncharted 3: Beta

First up it's probably worth mentioning how much I loved the first two games.  The original title felt like a Tomb Raider for this generation and the sequel ramped things up brilliantly with an engrossing single player game and the addition of online multiplayer.  Super.

However I was awful at multiplayer.  Really really bad.  I love Call of Duty online, it just fits like a glove.  Not a great glove admittedly, probably a fingerless glove that sometimes helps to keep you warm but every so often gives you frost bite, but it's a glove I'm familiar and comfortable with.  Uncharted online is a third person shooter.  That means I can see me running around instead of just seeing everyone else and I struggle with that.  Take me out of the online game and stick me in front of single player (which remains in third person) I'm completely fine.  I can't make any sense of that either so don't worry if that sounds like a load of fingerless gloved bollocks.

Soon we will have the third edition and last night I downloaded the beta version of the online game that Naughty Dog are testing on the Playstation Network.  I did it mainly to have a look at the graphics (lovely) and to see whether I was any better than before.  I think it would be fair to say that I am still a cack handed fool for third person, but fuck me, this is a fun game.  There's only two maps available but one of them involves a group of trucks chasing a bunch of guys in a plane.  Or vice versa.  I died a lot jumping from truck to plane without ever getting near an opponent but I have never had so much fun jumping from a truck to a plane.  And I do that a lot.

As long as Naughty Dog haven't strayed to far from the brilliance of the last game I'm sure single player will be close to game of the year.  If the rest of the online element is as enjoyable as the two maps offered up for testing then it may be a brilliant place for me to go die a lot with a smile on my face.

*flicks v's at Cod*  (While wearing fingerless gloves.)

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  1. It is very awesome! They have today released 2 new game types (replaced one on one and 2X3) Have you tried them out ?