Saturday 31 December 2011


In a year of news, a year of unrelenting change, two stories, both personal, although one more public than another, intertwined.  The King returned to Anfield and although it may seem trite in a year that saw so much change around the globe, seeing him lead the side out at Anfield felt like a step back to a time when things were simpler.  When Liverpool's result defined a week rather than my actual life.  It came at the right time, that jolt back to the past.

There are lots of positives to focus on, lots of things I could talk about that, on reflection, would make the year sound like a good one.  2011 is forever tainted by the second story but it's not in my gift to tell you why.  In a lot of ways that awfulness has fuelled the positive: the giving up of the ciggies, the savings account, the photography and of course Tweetathon.  Obviously there have been good times this year, Bestival and Festival were both brilliant weekends and Twitterpubnic was a great, great day.  It just doesn't feel right to dwell on them.

I've met more and more of my friends from Twitter, lost a few along the way (because you really can't keep them all happy) and got better at just saying 'Fuck 'em,' when the unfollow button gets pressed, both by me and by others.

I think I'll look back on 2011 as the year I finally started growing up a bit.  It'll always be a year with a cloud over it but the person most affected by that cloud inspired me to get off my arse and sort my life out.  I was never more determined not to be a fuck up.  I think I did ok at that.

So rather than bang on about it for too long here's my best 'things' of 2011 in pictorial form.
At and I took the new camera out
Mike found a new home
Cowes Week
Isle of Wight Festival
Lego Club
I met Tippers!
Tweetathon starts
And ends with a house full three days later
Christmas with family
Goodbye 2011.  In many many ways you shall not be in the least bit missed but you were a corner turned.

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