Saturday 28 January 2012


On February 19th 2009 I joined Twitter.  Nearly three years later I'm approaching, as I write this, my one hundred thousandth tweet.

It's worth pointing out that I actually passed that amount sometime ago as my original account (@Gray333) has 4989 tweets to its name.  @diaryofaledger started later in 2009 but because I'm all about things feeling proper, the 100,000 is up when I reach it on the account that you all know and the actual number appears.

How do I feel about it?  Well clearly I spend far too much time on Twitter...

Except I don't.  It hasn't cost me any relationships that existed prior to it, it's not prevented me, frankly, from doing anything.  In fact, it's done nothing but broaden my horizons.

It's easy to jump on the 'hive mind' band wagon, the, 'Ohhhh ffs everyone just makes puns,' bollocks, but frankly you can solve that with the unfollow button.  I think people forget that.  Twitter is a circle, find yours, find a few circles and then shut the fuck up about how people should or shouldn't use it.  And then, if you genuinely find you don't like it, leave.  And stay left.

Here endeth the lesson.

Gray x

PS. I love it as much today as I did on the 19th Feb 2009.

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