Saturday 11 February 2012

Walk Alone

My Twitter bio, for a long time (although not currently) said, 'I forgive slow or not at all.'  This evening I've been forced to look at an institution I've loved for the best part of three decades and apply that truth.

Today was always going to be a difficult day for Liverpool Football Club.  However it was also one full of opportunities to put things right but I'd been fearing that it would fall into the traps before it and it did.

Liverpool are a club with a rich history, full of ups and downs and no one has been prouder than me to support them.  I mean that.  Liverpool will always be a part of me, they picked me up at the lowest point of my life when we lost dad and I will never be able to forget that.  Ever.  But loving something doesn't mean being blind to its faults or never admitting it's in the wrong.  The Liverpool fans who booed Evra today and during the FA Cup tie, or supported Suarez and his appalling decision to not shake the hand of Evra need to take a look at themselves.  Kenny Dalglish, a man who's integrity I would never have dreamed I'd be questioning, needs to take a look at himself.  I don't for a second think that he's a racist and the KKK tag being bandied about on Twitter was as unhelpful as anything I saw, but his naive support for one of his players needs to stop now.  I fear that it will not, because it is born from the belief that Liverpool are better than that.  Except suddenly we are not better than that and the only way we move forward from today is to accept it, deal with Suarez and move on.  Continuing to defend him is not an option.

Football is supposed to be my distraction from the real world, the bit of my week where I can be passionate about something and forget about all the crap we all have to deal with.  But for the last few weeks I feel like I've been taking punches to the gut because the side I love employs a man like Suarez.

It breaks my heart, but for now, I withdraw my support.  I'll continue to watch games, I'll probably watch more Spanish football than anything else to be honest, but this season is over for me.

I hate how Suarez has made me feel about my club.  And I promise you, I will never forgive him for that.

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  1. I've been dealing with similar thoughts since this whole sorry mess started. The bit that hurts the most is the blinkered, paranoid response, instead of taking one of the opportunities to draw a line under it. Lost a lot of respect for the club I have loved for 25 years.