Friday 30 January 2015

The Raid

Destiny is an odd game in so many ways.  Satisfying shooter?  Yep.  Great with friends?  Check.  Grind central?  Check.  Terrible story?  Oh yes, so so bad.  Peter Dinklage?  Yes.

Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos though is the Vault of Glass, a six man raid that pretty much bears no resemblance to the rest of the game.  There's a maze.  A MAZE.  There's a jumping puzzle.  Seriously.  Jumping.  And there's insane fire fights.

It begins with a battle to open a door.  Basically your team of six splits into three teams of two protecting three plates in order for a giant key to form.  This is the door to the main content of the raid.  It took us an hour to open the door.  Apparently it can be done in under two minutes.  We struggled a bit...

Next up was a fight to protect three conduits, shoot some Orbs and enemies and that... it went on for ages.  Like at least another hour of repeated fails before we did it.

Then came the maze.  To be honest it's not really a maze but the one thing Destiny lacks (it lacks more than one thing) is a map.  You're this amazing soldier of the future with an epic cape, but no map.  Makes sense... So anyway the maze in the Vault of Glass (I'm not sure I saw much glass) is patrolled by Gorgons.  If they see you it's instant kill for the whole team.  We tried all sneaking through together but, well, we were terrible at it, so we let two people have a go, cross the check point and pull the rest of us through.  Still, we did all make it to the chest...

After that, the jumping.  I liked this bit.  I did it first time.  I like jumping.

We didn't finish the next bit.  It was 1am in the morning and I was dying a lot and I need a better gun and and and... WOW.

I guess my immediate reaction to The Vault of Glass is, this is what Destiny could have been, may well end up being.  It's hard.  Like really hard.  Old school hard at Level 29 in a game with a level cap of 33.  If Bungie can keep putting out content like this people are going to keep coming back to Destiny although apparently the new raid isn't in the same vein.

I thought I might be done with Destiny, turned out had a Vault of Glass.


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