Thursday 5 March 2009

John Giddings is trying to get me killed...

Neil Young! Neil frickin' Young!!!

He's headlining the Festival.  This is rubbish news.

I had a little Neil Young faze around 94/95.  Bought one album, which at the time I really liked.  For his follow up album he paired up with Pearl Jam and made an album called Glitter Ball, I think.  I lost interest at that point.  I actually blame Neil Young for turning Pearl Jam from vaguely interesting rock band (V's and Vitalogy) into a boring bar band.  

Most editions of Q magazine will eulogise about Young in some form or other; influential, ground breaking etc etc but is he a festival headliner?  No he frickin isn't!  

It is the worst line up ever with out a doubt.  I haven't looked on the forums but I guarantee people are going nuts about this.  Poor show Mr Giddings.  My life was in your hands and look what you've done.

You Muppet.

On the upside we will be able to make full use of the bar facilities on the last night.

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