Wednesday 4 March 2009

The Title (19 years of hurt)

I want to post, 'Is it really 19 years since we won the league?'.  

But frankly that would be bollocks.  I know full well how long it's been.  

19 years and even if United screw up tonight against the Toon we're still 4 points behind and they'd still have a game in hand.  It's gone again.  I remember winning it in '90.  I was at work, Saturday Supermarket job, afternoon break, listening to it on my Walkman.  We beat QPR 3-0 at home and Villa screwed up and that was that.  Job done, again.  Then the following season we won our first 9 games on the bounce including a 4-0 win against United at home.  Then Dalglish left.

Managers have come and gone.  Benitez looked the man to start with.  God knows Istanbul was probably the best night of my life but for Liverpool it's the League.  That's what we want.  Gerrard gets that.  So does Carragher.  So why doesn't the manager?  Benitez likes proving himself in Europe.  He understands those games, but the English game is still a mystery to him it would seem.  I want us to win the League but it isn't going to happen under the beardy Spaniard.   

So it's going to be another season without the title.  I don't want to concede it but when the manager does it for you, you have little choice.

United will get 18 and draw level.  That hurts.  Big time.

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