Saturday 12 September 2009

Bestival Day 1

Ok so I know your impressed. I'm up, it's 8.35am and I'm typing.

I'm as shocked as you are I promise.

First day of Bestival is done and wow what a great day it was. Band wise I saw Florence and the Machine, MGMT and Massive Attack. Unfortunately the sound quality is pretty poor, they've moved the main stage to a more central location on the site and there's just too much going on to hear the headline acts properly. However I can confirm that Florence is hot.

It doesn't really matter about the sound at Bestival anyway, there's just so much else going on and it's always heartwarming how many strangers just start chatting to you. Hello random American!!

Today is fancy dress dress day. Pics up tomorrow morning if I'm in a fit state to blog...

We love Bestival because it is a mini hippy paradise and it feels less commercialised than the Isle of Wight Festival. It just has such a great vibe to it.

Yesterday was great fun, we ate, drank and danced our way to an awesome day. Today promises to be even better. Sweet.

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