Friday 11 September 2009

Bestival Weekend

Last time I went to a festival (the awesomeness that was the Isle of Wight 2009) I sort of promised daily blog posts during the course of the weekend.  This was a bit of an error on my part and never got even close to happening.

Now whilst I'm not saying there won't be blog posts I think it's best to say there probably won't be any until Monday.  That's right you guys can have a little break from my ramblings.

However you can still follow all the action on twitter as long as they've sorted a decent 3G signal at Bestival.

Oh and remember last nights Tomb Raider post (thanks for all the feedback twitter, some of you got quite misty eyed) here's the Epilogue.


Cheers for the link @domcoke.  I would have embedded it but they've taken the embed code away.  Arse.

Have a great weekend all, see you on the other side. 8)

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