Wednesday 9 September 2009

A Change of plan... sorry and that... oh and Yahtzee.

Ok so last night I announced gaming as the next Icon subject... It still is but it's not gonna be for a whole four weeks. I got a bunch of feedback last night on twitter about the Icon thing and whilst all the gamers went 'WHOOO!!' (seriously I could hear them from here) a few others made good points about the blog, that I actually listened to. (As opposed to my usual response to any criticism which involves running to the hills, screaming, hands over ears.)

Cheers to @WH1SKS, @KatyHarwood01 and @jeninher30s. So what was the advice they gave me? Well there was a bunch actually, especially from @WH1SKS. Whilst my blog may never be exactly what he'd like to see, I'm not really big on pouring my heart out about everything I love and hate, I do take on board a lot of what was said. So how does all this impact on the Icon post?


It doesn't mean I can't go back to stuff if I want, but it adds a bit of variety each week, which hopefully will keep things interesting. I'll choose the themes for the next four weeks but for the four after that I'll hand over to Jen to pick them. If anyone else wants a go let me know.


Limerick style tonight. This man is funny but only if you can bare to hear the bad words... quite a lot. You have been warned...

Finally I'd like to apologise for the content of last night's post which now rather seems to have been a waste of time... ah well. Provoked a decent little debate at any rate. Hooray!

One other small change too, comments will now be able to be made by those without Google ID's. I hadn't realised I could turn that off... oops. I want to call them 'mini posts' rather than 'comments' but Zoe will sue me... Laters.

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