Tuesday 8 September 2009

Long days of counting things allow the mind to wander...

You might think that a day of counting things would take up much of ones thought processes .  And although much of mine were taken up with the joy of counting objects for the purpose of a stock-take, my less easily amused self conscious was thinking over what new theme to launch upon you for the next four weeks of the Icon posts.

I've been mulling it over quite a bit the last week and I think it needs to be something completely different.

I toyed with the idea of iconic gaming characters but have now decided that might be a tad to narrow, although it might be great as a one off.  But I wanted to stick with the gaming theme on the run up to the release of Modern Warfare 2.

So the theme for the next four weeks will be.... DUM DE DUMM!!! Iconic Video Games!

And genuinely I really don't know what I'll write about.  Promise.

Thursday for suggestions but thought I'd let you know early.

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