Monday, 7 September 2009

I used a Wii... somebody shoot me.

Today, just as my working day ended, I found myself playing on a Wii. I know, I know, how could have I let this happen? I feel dirty.

Basically I wanted to try out the new Wii Motion Plus. You know the add on that makes the Wii do what is was supposed to from the start...

Now while the new addition to Nintendo's evil, purist game play killing, box of delights works rather well on table tennis will it get applied to any 'real' game with any class. Possibly I suppose. Sense the grudging admittance that this might actually make a difference. Except it probably won't.

The trouble with the Wii is that the third party developers will still integrate the controls into titles that they're launching on other machines that don't have motion sensors. Ok, so project Natal on X-Box and Sony's motion sensors may change that, but if Nintendo are the only company launching titles that use the control system properly then nothing will change.

You can't help but admire Nintendo's dominance of the market with a machine that is basically the the modern equivalent of the board game that comes out at Christmas and family parties. How many Wii owners turn on their machines every day, once a week, or even once a month and play on their own. Not many I wager. At least not in percentage terms compared to PS3 and X-Box owners.

The Wii is and will remain a curio for me. It had the capacity for greatness but Sony and Microsoft keep pushing the boundaries and online play, such a huge factor these days, is just broken on the Wii. Sure it works, but no gamer tags? Bollocks to that.

So yeah I played with a Wii, shoot me. The new(ish) Motion Plus works well. But it's still not a machine for gamers. Just for everyone else. Which maybe is the point of it...

Regular readers will know that I'm a Sony fanboy and that my dislike for the Wii has been well documented here. I think Nintendo are a great company with a fantastic Legacy, Windwaker is up there in my Top Ten gaming experiences. But they forgot their audience with the Wii, which is a crying shame. Ohhh what a long caveat... this might be my new thing. Plus I really like the word caveat.