Saturday 27 February 2010


Finally I have one.  It's only been a year of waiting for a contract to expire and Orange announcing late last year that iPhone was coming to their network.  Yesterday I took the plunge and within half an hour of leaving the Orange shop my new love was working.

3Gs, 16gig and white fact fans.

Those of you that have been around a while will know that I own an iPod Touch and thoroughly lovely that is too, but the frustration of having all those apps but not being able to use them on the move starts to grate after a while.  Also it meant having to carry two bits of kit at least.  Phone and iPod.  Now though it's all bundled together in one lovely little package.  I'm swooning a bit aren't I?

It actually felt quite odd using tweetie (twitter app) on a bus.  Like I was doing something that should be impossible.  And that for me is what makes the iPhone so special, it feels kinda magical, as close as we've got to some of that future tech that we were always being promised on Tomorrows World back in the day.  I'm still waiting on my Hoverboard mind.

Hopefully I'll be blogging on the go soon, although you might have to deal with one or two test posts.  I can't embed pics though from the app I've got so if any fellow bloggers (Zoe I'm looking at you) know how to do that properly let me know.

Right I'm off to play with my new toy, oh and I got Heavy Rain yesterday, busy busy with the geekery.

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