Friday 26 February 2010

twitterview #3 @maverick99sback

This was kind of an odd one for me as the first two twitterviews (indeed most of the twitterviews I have planned will follow the same pattern) were with people I have never met.  Today though I bring you @maverick99sback a true friend, despite all the rows.  (Sorry ladies, but those shoulders aren't making it on here.)

Hey AT sooo...  Why twitter?  What do you get out of it?  What made you start in the first place?

Well I suppose I followed YOU for a change!

I realized quickly I could fulfil my life ambition of stalking Fearne Cotton (it got so bad I unfollowed. The sexual tension was unbearable). Plus it became a great place to meet people I didn't know, who were infinitely more honest and genuine than mates from ten years back... You know... On that OTHER site.

Now, I can talk to fellow United fans, (clearly not everyone), and chat to the editors of the two best movie sites there are. (@JoBlocom @headgeek666, from Aint it Cool).

I can remember you taking a huge break from twitter; it was maybe two/three months last year.  What brought you back?

I don't remember the break!

Did I really?

*scrolls furiously through 11,000 tweets*

In all seriousness the last year has been huge for me. Work has been immense. Lots of change. Plus my boy is becoming a man. I probably took a breather, to take it all in and enjoy it.

Or we had had an argument! ;-)

Ha ha.... yeah you're probably right.  So the twitter thing is what for you?  You're happily married with a great kid, the wife uses facebook a fair bit as do all the Ledgers, what apart from the celebs makes you come back and tweet?

Who out of all the people you follow would you most like to meet?

Well I would never have thought it was my thing. But it is.

I feel like I know @comedyfish. I met @debsa at the IoW festival last year. I don't REALLY know these people. I play Ps3 with Sarah (@KyeLani) once a week. I don't know her. But Twitter cheats me into thinking I do. I genuinely care about what's going on in their lives.

I cried my eyes out when Kye past away, and the devastation everyone felt on Twitter at that would sum it up for me. I've never met Sarah, but got wrapped up in it all. It's escapism from day to day life, but there have been times it's sucked me in, and I’ve almost thought it was more real than my real life. That's when I back off. And probably answers your last question.

Top three to meet is easy.

@kyelani, @kjcollard and @fionakyle.

(All female...  *snigger*)  Ok so what do people get when they follow you?

Haha. @comedyfish would be up there. And my fave Twitter couple, Team Beke!

What does everyone get?

Well I've had my wrist slapped on there to know I’m not to everyone’s taste. I swear. Lots. I love football, gaming and movies. Like at least one of those things and we should have enough to make it work. Just.

I'd forgive anyone for switching off. Sometimes I'm controversial and argumentative, just because I can be. I've grown up a lot in the last five years, but I'm still petulant. And aggressive.

Tell me once and I would hope I'd wise up.

Let’s talk about your art.  How did that start?

Ha. Yes, let's!

A guy at work had the app. I immediately started thinking of the fun I could have. Again, not for everyone.  Probably just @kyelani and I to be fair. (yeeeeaaaahhhhh)  And when I'm trying to impress @kjcollard.

Def not for everyone.  But they're not without their charm!

So where do you see the internet going Ads?  Give us the definitive, ‘what the internet will look like this in 5 years time’ from the AT perspective.

Wow.  Great question.

Our Branch Call Centre is doing a baton run, with the baton being a mobile phone. It's for charidy, (Beating Bowel Cancer) and to mark all the CCs closing. I suggested using Twitter, FB status updates and your Blog.  (is that ok, btw? ;-)) It’s a tool. It could be free advertisement.

I wish it was as it is now, when I was at Uni. The potential is immense. Answers at your fingertips.

Small shops will suffer, but JL and Department Stores will be destination visits. You'd presume they'd have to up their game, and service levels too.

Interesting, wasn't expecting you to come at that from the retail angle.  Ethan's going to grow up surrounded by this stuff and all the inter connectivity that it brings.  Do you see any down sides to that?

Thought that when I wrote it. But this is a Career for me now. The net at home can come and go, be it on an iPad or my new shiny Mac, but from a work point of view we could live and die off it.

Ethan can already turn the Ps3 on, and take pictures. From an Internet point of view, I can control security. My bigger issue is he is will he be content looking at pictures of the Eiffel Tower, rather than training it over to France. He'll have the world at his fingertips. Literally. Whatever schooling is like then, he could have all the answers he needs. That concerns me. It could be very easy to cheat your brain out of an education.

Ok let’s close this up...

The Ledgers.... what does it mean to you?

Who is your favourite Ledger?

If were wrapping up, two things.

One, thanks for letting me do this.

Two, I’m genuinely really proud of what you've done with this Blog. I know it means a lot to you, and does to us, too.

The Ledgers?

It's basically the closest group of mates I’ve ever had.  Everything in common one day, nothing in common the next. I get bored really easily, but this has kept on going and going. I can't go a day without being bewildered by that, not only were none of you at my wedding, I didn't even know any of you. Mental.

Still... I got a shiny trophy for most of the last year, so...

Who’s my fave Ledger?


This conversation is, o-o-o-over!

Great answer...

And thanks, that, unsurprisingly, means a lot.

Cheers buddy.

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