Saturday 14 August 2010

Here We Go Again

It's a new dawn it's a new day... a bunch of over paid, disloyal, cheating buggers will take on another bunch of over paid, disloyal, cheating buggers.... blah blah blah.


We all moan about how money has ruined it, how it's not what it used to be, how the passion is diluted and how we really wish people would just get up after a tackle or maybe not grab onto that bloke from Brazil's shirt as he skips past, but... come first day of the season (proper) the sense of hope and expectation fills us all.  I bet there's a fair few Blackpool fans this morning with a knot in their stomachs and a huge sense of pride as they start planning the short(ish) trip to Wigan.

Liverpool don't kick of until tomorrow so I get to enjoy the first day of the Premier League in a relatively stress free relaxed state.  This will largely involve watching Soccer AM (still missing Lovejoy after all these years) and then settling down for Spurs v's City at 12:45.  Say what you like about Sky but they do sport better than anyone else and I'll be soaking it all in like a kid.

Liverpool?  Who knows.  It's a tough start against The Gunners tomorrow, I'm just glad we've come out of a potentially terrible summer with some dignity, if we start playing some expressive football again I'll be more than happy.  Top four finish?  Never say never, but if you're looking for a prediction you've come to the wrong place... sort of.

By the end of this season it'll be 21 years of waiting for the title and I'll still be waiting, but I've started falling back in love with my club again, cheers Roy.

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