Friday 13 August 2010

The Second Goodbye of the Week

And then there were two.

Although to be fair there will still be four, that's the way it will always be until we start dropping down dead (Jesus, that's more of a depressing start than I intended).  What am I on about?  The Ledgers.  Three of us have been sharing lunch at work for nearly 3 years and one of us *points to picture above* is off to pastures new.  He's rejoined twitter as @mike_cheese (say hi) but for us he'll always be theboycheese even when he's in his 80s.

On a personal note, buddy, I am really gonna miss you, have a brilliant time in your new job and stay in touch.  If it wasn't for you God knows what we'd have been called, AT would have named us after the lead singer of the Blackeyed Crows, John would have insisted on us being the Cruisemeisters and I'm just shit at coming up with names for stuff.

12 will never be the same again and 10:10 tea break just got ditched altogether.

Oh and Flash, if you're reading, we need a Ledger at yours.  Cheers.

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