Saturday 16 October 2010

Goodbye Mr Hicks

As Tweetathon was drawing to a close I was concious that this was a big week for Liverpool.  A week where Hicks and Gillett's attempts to ruin over a hundred years of history was going to either going to end in administration or new ownership.

The threat of administration left every Liverpool fan in the country feeling vulnerable and must have made a few fans of other clubs wince as it became clear that no club is too big to avoid a towering un-payable debt.  As much as I'm relieved that didn't happen to Liverpool I can't help but feel that it would have been a massive wake up call to the house of cards that top level football has become in this country.  I guess we'll just have to wait for it to happen to United.  (Joke.)

But, thankfully, Liverpool survive with new owners NESV at the helm, John Henry making the right noises during the two interviews I've seen and Hicks throwing his toys out of the pram in a quite brilliant Sky Sports interview. Will we get a new stadium?  Well, and forgive this, having been one of the few people to see The
Town (and see what NESV did to Fenway Park in Boston during the movie) I'm wondering whether they'll look to develop Anfield.  I hope so.  Deep down leaving Anfield always felt wrong.

Yes there needs to be investment in the squad and a clear out, but right now the focus is going to have to be on digging ourselves out of the hole we're in, that league position doesn't lie, we've been poor, really poor.

Hicks can scream 'SWINDLE' as much as he likes but buying something and then turning the loans taken out back on what you bought hardly seems like a great business plan.  You hurt the club Mr Hicks, you and your very quiet business partner, and it's going to take time to recover.  But we're Liverpool, we get through the dark times, that's what we do.  And now we look like we might have a chance to do that.

Henry described feeling humbled to own Liverpool.  That's a good start John.  It really is.

Goodbye Mr Hicks and good fucking riddance.

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