Saturday 9 October 2010

One More Normal Day (Please RT)

One more full day left before Tweetathon.  Here's what you need to know.

Follow @diaryofaledger and @gray333.  Both me, but the old account is up my sleeve should I get locked out.

The Web-cam feed is now embedded here ready to go on Monday.  It won't do anything until about 11:55am (GMT) on the 11th, but I needed to test it.  You'll be able to see the player above this post.

So far we've raised £325 on the Just Giving page.

60 Hours Live on Twitter without sleep.  (Gulp).  It's gonna get messy.

Tomorrow evening I'll post a bit more detail about why I'm doing it and why the cause means so much to me.

In the meantime please take the time to press the RT button or share this on Facebook.  Spread the word and lets get as many people involved as we can.  Together we can raise that £2000.  If it really goes nuts, who knows what we can achieve.

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