Monday 11 October 2010

Tweetathon 2.0: How this is going to work

60 hours straight on twitter.  No sleep.  No breaks longer than eight minutes.

Two accounts.  Follow @diaryofaledger and @gray333 just in case I get locked out of my primary account.

Promote and RT as much as you can.

Watch me on the embedded live feed here on the site.  Or go here:

Donate what you can at the Just Giving page.

Lets raise that £2000 and then increase the target.

Lets get tweetathon2 trending.

I will probably go a bit nuts by the end (I did last year and this 12 hours longer).  Might be fun to watch.

Thanks in advance to everyone that gets involved.

Love you twitter.


    love it! you go wow!! amazing i will be following you this is so cool hopefully you wont be to dead on thursday to talk about it on AUTISM RADIO UK if you email me all the details i will do a show about this
    Kevin Healey

  2. Gray,

    Best of luck with this. Hope you raise over and above your target figure - you deserve too!


  3. Not sure if you'll be reading the comments during the tweetathon, but instead of 2girls1cup, try 1guy1cup !