Wednesday 17 November 2010

Isle of Wight Festival 2011 - The Tweetup

After a year off we're back.  When I say we, I mean AT, Mike (hopefully) and I, the Festival rolled on without us last year, somehow.  There's a shed load of Twitter folk coming already, someone's gonna end up in a tent in Mum's back garden at this rate.  Probably me.

With the line up being announced before the tickets have gone on general release, for the first time I can remember, interest is high.  And so it should be.

On Monday the Kings of Leon were announced as the Friday headline act.  They're not everyone's cup of tea, but they are on the list of bands I want to see big time.  Yesterday Pulp were announced.  Which is a great shout, taking me back to the mid nineties and a different life in London.

And today, with Sunday's head-liners set to be announced tomorrow, the Foo Fighters were declared as the Saturday night closers.  I've seen them twice before and it might not be cool to say it any more but two years ago at Wembley they produced the best gig I've ever been to.  (Even if it wasn't the best live performance I've ever seen.  Which is another post for another day.)  The Foo's are part of my life soundtrack almost in as much a way as Biffy are.  Certainly for a while they were MY band.  At least until Puzzle.

So seeing them again is a big deal and after a relatively poor line up at Bestival this year and two years of not particularly stellar bands at the Isle of Wight, the organiser, John Giddings, appears to have realised that he needs to get the big guns out.  We're hearing rumours of Kasabian for the Sunday and having seen them before at the IOW I can confirm that they kick ass live.  Anyone who was there will remember the cries of, 'C'mon fookin Isle of WIGHT!'

AT and I have spent the last two days talking about our Festival wish list, we've got a pretty awesome line-up in our heads, even if he does want Take That on the Sunday night.

If you're not coming, come.  (Get a camping ticket though cause I think we ran out of rooms around 2pm today.)

It's gonna be the mother of all tweetups.

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