Wednesday 5 January 2011

A Quiet One

Wednesday's used to be like a day off from writing, you know, back in the old days before I suddenly had a lot to say again.

Now I sort of feel like I need that day back, so Wednesday's will go back to being a lazy writing day, at least on the site.

Tomorrow sees the return of IconThursday, although I'm still debating whether I need something new, but I'll let it run through it's two year anniversary and see how I feel after that.

For those of you that followed my bus journey into work this morning here's the Placebo song that only @Vivmondo guessed, despite numerous clues.  It's probably my song of the week, I guess I'll have to go find another one for Saturday.
Three lines.  Five minutes.  3:53.  Kick ass.  Stuck in head.  All day.  Long.

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