Friday 6 January 2012

The Suarez Thing

Most of you will know how big a Liverpool fan I am.  One of the things I've always loved is the way the club conducts itself.  The quiet dignity, the knowledgeable fans (the envy of other clubs), the way Liverpool has always felt like the 'right' top club to support.  We accept bad decisions, don't see conspiracy when players get sent off and we take our knocks, get back up, heads held high.  Until now.  Now we can't accept the FA making, somewhat surprisingly, the right decision over the Suarez incident and we look awful because of it.

I see tweets everyday from supporters blinkered by their love of the club and I've seen 'fans' replying to the likes of Stan Collymore with the kind if racist bile that makes my blood boil.

The fact is what Suarez did was wrong.  In any other form of employment he may well of had private support from his bosses, but he almost certainly would've been suspended pending an enquiry.  Instead the club went on the defensive, attacked Evra and have damaged themselves and an institution that I love as a result.  

That Kenny Dalglish, one of my heroes as a kid, has been the spokesman for most of that has been distressing.  He looks out of his depth to be honest. 

It's not too late to put things right and it's time to publicly admit they've got it wrong.

In a season where the Premiership has been more watchable than ever, my love of the game is on the wain.  Spoilt by a young man who should learn to say sorry and then leave my club.  You can be as great a footballer as you like Luis but I for one don't want you at Anfield anymore.  

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