Sunday 15 March 2009

Chili and Cheese

So the cause of today's sofa bound state of inaction was a late night Ledger get together at mine.  MC and I shared a chili and AT joined us after the Go West (I kid you not) gig.  JMcG had more sense, and left us to it. 

Go West gave their paying punters the opportunity to vote for what songs they played from a list of 50.  Silence was not one of the options although Vertigo was.  They played it.  Apparently it was 'amazing'.  Imagine my doubt.

Theboycheese (TM) and I watched several episodes of Southpark which were insanely funny.  George Lucas and Steven Spielberg doing unspeakable things to Indiana Jones.  Genius.  Watch it.

Anyway, beer was consumed, chili eaten, and things didn't look good for a while this morning.  So I ignored the morning and hoped for the best in the afternoon.

Better now, just in time for Lost.  

Oh and 'one day weekends' suck.  Especially when you ruin said 'one day' with alcohol abuse and left your book at work.  Although it has been nice watching 'those' goals all day.  Thanks Sky Sports News, I love you.

Just discovered Lost isn't on tonight.  Rubbish.

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