Wednesday 4 March 2009

Ledger v's Ledger

Big row over what time we watch Watchmen resulted in a Ledger spat to end all Ledger spats.  We're watching it at 1.30pm Friday for the record.

Spat resolved after intervention of another Ledger.  

The fourth Ledger sat in front of his computer at 'work' studying facebook waiting and hoping that all would be well.  

Life without Ledgers would be very dull indeed.

The Ledger sat watching facebook (JMcG) has hopefully now Prestiged on Cod so the three of us can crack on with Killzone.

The intervening Ledger (MC) is still devoid of a PS3, bless him so the Clan looks a little sparse.

I keep meaning to post something explaining the Ledgers and what we are but I don't understand it either.  There is a hotly anticipated website in the offing.  I do know that there is a full Ledger Testimonial (Pro Evo Tournois) on the 15th of March.

I also think that my Mexican wrestler masks idea is a good one.  That may seem unrelated, but it's not.  Rest assured.

So spat is over and all is well in Ledger Land.  Rest easy JMcG.  Not in peace you understand, he's not dead.

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