Tuesday 3 March 2009

Killzone 2 Online Review

God this game is just so damn pretty.  It's almost a shame to be blowing the crap out of people.  Almost.

It's visceral.  It's intense.  It's very different to Cod.  Everything feels heavy and real.  You almost wince on your sofa when you take a bullet.  

Leveling up may be a grind but the pay offs sound worth it.  Moveable spawn point, spawn on squad leader, heal someone, shotguns etc etc etc.

Is it as good as Cod4?  Well it's not as ground breaking and arguably not as user friendly.  Setting up a party with friends seems impossible to start with and even once you've it nailed it you end up fighting against them.  Presumably at some point you get to pick which side you want to be on so that you're all on the same team.  Teamdeath matches set up for 5 minutes are way way to short.  

So there are niggles.  But Cod4 and W@W both have their fair share of those too.  I've not had a single match crash on me yet on Killzone and no lag... not even once.

It's actually hard to compare them, they just feel and play so differently.  Killzone looks better.  Cod is more immediate, better suited to casual gaming.

So Killzone hasn't stopped me playing Cod, but it has made me grateful that I went down the PS3 route, at least now, if nothing else, I can see what those six sodding processors were for.


Offline review to follow when I can stop playing online for long enough to play it properly. 

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